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How A Production Agency Completes A Marketing Team

If you subscribe to any of those bi-weekly marketing email newsletters or follow marketing gurus online you’ll have noticed one consistent theme by now: Content is King.

Content (meaning photos, graphics, videos, blogs, audio, etc.) is the face of a company. It’s the medium through which you communicate to your customers and your employees. It’s how you express values and influence audiences. It’s no surprise to experienced marketers that the demand for more and more content is never ending in our integrated digital world.

Since the pandemic it’s become clear that the speed at which a company needs to respond to current issues and trends has dramatically increased. Internal marketing teams are pushed to drive more results, catchier content, and appeal to narrower customer segments while continuing to delight and retain the customers you’ve already converted.

For most marketing teams to accomplish these goals, a production agency partnership is essential.

What is A Production Agency? A content production agency specializes in producing media content to fit the context of delivery. This could be for social media marketing, out-of-home marketing, email campaigns, and more. The production agency typically handles filming videos, shooting photos, mixing audio, script-writing, and all of the editing and post-production that’s involved.

For most marketing teams, the time and budget for creative resources is limited. Production equipment and software is expensive and comes with a steep learning curve.They simply can’t do their jobs while also becoming an expert at creating and editing all the types of content demanded by modern audiences.

A full-service creative media agency, like Tiyami Media, expands the production agency model to include not only the content creation but also copywriting and managing the social media channels the content lives on to continue the nurturing process past publication. By being an integrated partner, we also execute one-off creative projects at an expedited speed since we already have a deep and evolving understanding of the businesses we partner with.

Production Agencies Drive Productivity

A production agency isn’t a replacement for a marketing team. It’s an extra tool in your toolbox, or rather, a team of people with tools ready to get to work. Once viewed as a luxury, having a production partner has become essential to compete in the modern business marketplace.

By outsourcing the production portion of the marketing process, it frees up marketing teams to focus on their developed skill set and makes the whole team more productive and cost-effective.

In the past, every creative production had to be managed internally from start to finish. By forming a strategic partnership, creating a boatload of eye-catching content becomes smoother and faster. This also saves time (and money) compared to working with many different production professionals that have no connection to each other.

At 6Fi we like to think that we work WITH marketing departments not FOR them. This means that their success becomes our success and ensures maximum creativity and investment in every partnership we form. We don’t compete with your team. We complete your team.

Where Do I Find A Production Agency?

Are you curious about adding a production agency to work alongside your existing marketing team? What would that relationship look like? 6Fi specializes in creating and leveraging content to fit your context. Contact us online today or discover more about us on our website here.


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