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Cincinnati-based event producers Nitetides Collective and Cvlture Crew Media came together in 2019 to launch a brand new yearly electronic music festival experience called Astral Echos. Building a festival brand is a daunting challenge. Success hinges on a few short days after a year of investment and work. 


Scaling A Dream World

Entering 2022, Astral Echos Music and Arts Festival was gearing up for its third consecutive year and predicting to be bigger than ever. They needed to launch an official website, increase content output, and coordinate paid marketing campaigns on multiple channels to activate audiences outside their existing reach. That's where we came in. 

Our 360 Goalkit

To bring this brand to life, Tiyami Media created a global toolkit of strategic resources to inform local market platform adaptation:

Launch Strategy

You only get one first impression. You only get one first birthday. We made the first customer experience with Astral Echos one that was unforgettable.

Brand Position

By understanding what Astral Echos could be in year three and what it wants to be in year five, we leveraged the grassroots UGC advantage and competed for uncontested territory.

Content Strategy

Focusing solely on social media channels, we created a series of brand iconography and micro-content pieces designed for community sharing.


Consistent growth is great but exponential growth is out of this world. By committing to a bold strategy from the beginning we aligned Astral Echos with a success line that is rarely seen in the independent events space.


The paid-organic Astral Echos marketing strategy proved that with the right brand understanding and audience targeting, big things can be achieved with small budgets.

Once small paid campaigns were layered onto the creative strategy the impressions skyrocketed and CAC dropped significantly leading up to the event in 2022.





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