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The Story So Far

6Fi started as an idea in 2019. Founder Mike Heffron was head of marketing and technology at an audio/video company that pivoted to specialize in digital out-of-home signage and lighting. At the same time he was operating a small music marketing & management shop out of his home in Cincinnati, OH.


He became obsessed with a major disconnect between the creation of digital media assets and their effective deployment. Businesses were buying access to large awareness platforms with embarrassing quality of creative. At the same time, artists were buying the highest quality creative they could get their hands on but avoiding the paid promotional channels in favor of scrappy organic strategies held back by third-party platforms.

Neither had any real knowledge about their core audience or how to generate demand for what they were selling


Breaking Ground


After producing a one-of-kind custom projection mapping show with the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, the A/V company Mike worked for closed it's doors as the pandemic swept the world.

In 2020, he founded Tiyami Media. A video production company built with the idea that offering high-quality creative assets at an affordable price would fill a missing link in the marketing ecosystem.

There was a still a problem. Distribution. Small brands and businesses were still relying too heavily on organic strategies that weren't producing results, leaving the creative unseen and ineffective. 

This wasn't rocket science. It could be done better. He developed the creative concept, production, media buying plan, distribution, and seeding strategy for a campaign promoting Astral Echos Music & Arts Festival. The campaign generated 1,000% ROAS in one month, breaking their all-time sales record.

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